Increase of Cyclist Accidents in New York

Jun 05, 2020

The shutdown of the economy has been difficult for most people to deal with. It has also led many people to walk, run, and ride their bicycles more than they usually have a chance to. Bike riding is a great way of breaking the monotony of staying indoors all day; it is also an excellent form of exercise. The surge in bike riders during the pandemic has led to an increase in bicycle accidents. And if you have been caught up in such a crash, you must protect your rights. The best way to do so is to call a Bay Bridge NY personal injury attorney.

If you are an experienced bicycle rider, then you know the rules and laws about riding in the city. You also know the customs and courtesies that riders extend to each other to avoid smash ups. Less experienced riders may lack this knowledge. They tend to be less aware and more aggressive. If such a rider has run into you or caused you to fall off your bike, then you should hold them accountable.

Bicycle accidents have also increased as a result of speeding and overly aggressive motorists. The nearly empty streets of New York have encouraged many motor vehicle operators to increase their speed within the city, which presents a danger to both pedestrians and bicycle riders. If you have been hit by a car owing to the recklessness of a driver, then you should get compensation for your injuries.

After a bicycle accident, your first move should be to a hospital. You will need to undergo a thorough examination by a medical professional and receive the necessary treatment. The person who hit you or caused you to fall off your bicycle should pay your medical bills, bicycle repair costs, and lost wages. Hiring a Bay Bridge NY personal injury attorney will help you secure these damages.

If you have been in a bicycle accident, you should call the Levitsky Law Firm. The Levitsky Law Firm will help you review your legal options.