If I Had Negative Side Effects From a Drug, Can I Sue?

Jun 25, 2021

Many victims who have experienced significant pharmaceutical drug side effects wonder if they can sue for their injuries. That is a complicated subject, and the answer frequently necessitates the assistance of an expert Brighton Beach accident lawyer.

About Drug Side Effects?

Manufacturers and doctors are responsible for delivering safe products and alerting patients about potential risks when making and dispensing medication. Almost all medicines have side effects, which are usually innocuous. 

However, adverse effects can be far more significant in other cases. Millions of people visit emergency rooms each year due to unanticipated pharmaceutical side effects. More than two million patients already in a medical facility suffer from serious prescription side effects.

Is it Possible to Sue for Drug Side Effects?

Although federal laws are in place to safeguard consumers from harmful pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer can still be held accountable if a drug produces significant difficulties for users after receiving FDA approval.

Drug cases fall under the category of “product liability,” which requires a victim to establish that the product was either defectively designed, manufactured, or failed to offer proper warnings before using it.

Patients who experience significant adverse effects may be entitled to sue if they can establish poor drug evaluation before distribution or that the manufacturing process was defective. The drug manufacturer or doctor failed to notify them of the medication’s potential side effects.

It is less probable that the victim will have a strong product liability case if the doctor or pharmacist cautioned the patient about possible side effects.

A Brighton Beach Injury Lawyer Can Help

To have a legal basis for a drug case, you must suffer substantial physical or mental harm due to the drug’s use.

It is generally beneficial to speak with an attorney who has dealt with similar complex disputes in the past. For many years, the Brighton Beach personal injury attorneys at  Levitsky Law Firm have assisted victims of drug side effects and medical malpractice in obtaining compensation.