How to Navigate Your Roles after Divorce

Jun 09, 2021

It’s difficult to navigate new roles after divorce. You’ll want to find out how to balance your time between the kids and working, figuring out what you want for yourself in a relationship, and adjusting your financial situation. This blog post will give you some tips on navigating the new roles you might be adopting post-divorce.

Additional Responsibilities and Roles

Now that you and your ex-spouse live apart, you’ll find there are extra responsibilities to take care of that you might not have had before, like housework, grocery shopping, and picking up and dropping off kids from school or activities.

Slow down and start allowing lots of extra time for everything you budget into your day. Accept that everything you do will take much longer as you find a new routine that works for you.

Successful Co-Parenting Tips

Both parents need to agree on their children’s routines, school activities, and bedtime routines. No law states these must be the same, but we find that families who abide by these four key things do better in their transitions.

Avoid using hostile generalizations about one another in front of the kids. Avoiding the expression of adverse reactions is extremely important as what you’re reacting to may not always be factually accurate.

Agree on an after-school routine you can both do most of the time in both homes. Example: snack, 30 minutes of play, then homework before dinner. 

Agree on a similar bedroom layout in each house if possible. Example: Bed up against the far wall opposite the closet, a set of clothes at each home, a bin for toys, etc.

Accept the new role of a business partner rather than friend or lover. Speak to each other cordially, and if you can’t, only speak in writing. Make requests like, “Could we try…” or “What do you think about…” or “Would you be willing to…” as conversation starters.

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