How to Modify Parenting Schedules

Aug 31, 2021

Going through a divorce is always a difficult process. This can be made even more challenging and stressful when children are involved and custody needs to be negotiated. During the divorce, a formal custody and parenting plan will be created. However, there are situations in which this will need to be modified.

When Can Parenting Schedules be Modified

The parenting and custody schedule can be modified in a variety of situations. Some common reasons why this will need to be modified is if there are drastic changes to schedules, if one parent needs to move a further distance, if there is a case of abuse or neglect, or if one parent has a substantial change in income. For a change to be formally modified, it will either need to be agreed upon by both parties or there will need to be further legal judgment for the change to be official.

Can Parenting Schedules be Made Outside of the Courtroom

It is almost always in everyone’s best interest to avoid having to go through a formal legal process for custody changes. Fortunately, many of these changes can be made without going through a full legal process. In order for the change to take place, both parties will need to agree and the final decision will need to be signed off by a judge.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you need to make a change to your custody and parenting agreements, it is always a good idea to hire legal representation. If you and the other parent are in agreement on the change, a Manhattan divorce attorney can help to draft the agreement and handle any deliberations. If there is not an agreement, the Manhattan child custody lawyers can help prepare your case and present it to a judge. When you are looking for a Manhattan parenting plan attorney, you should reach out to the team with the Levitsky Law Firm. The team here can provide you with all the legal support you need to ensure your rights are represented.