How To Keep Your Property Safe From A Slip And Fall Injury This Holiday Season?

Nov 11, 2020

Individuals prepare for the holiday season in many ways. The legal professionals employed at the Levitsky Law Firm stress the importance of ensuring their homes are safe from slip and fall accidents be at the top of this list. 

Duty Of Care 

The holidays are often a time when people host festive events. That said, the entertainer has the legal duty to ensure their properties are safe from hazards. This legal mandate is known as duty of care. 

Safety-Strengthening Actions 

A Brooklyn slip and fall attorney cautions New York area gathering throwers institute the following safeguards designed to prevent their guests from sustaining injurious falls that could lead to said hosts facing potential civil actions: 

Keep Driveways And Walkways Clear 

Visitors will traverse driveways, stoops, steps, and sidewalks. It is imperative these areas are kept clear of potential natural hazards such as snow, ice, and tree branches. That said, indoor locations like hallways and stairs should also be kept free of all potential trip-inducing objects. 

Secure All Ornaments And Decorations 

Many people hang a variety of ornaments on Christmas trees. That said, a slip and fall attorney in Brooklyn wishes to alert revelers that these items have a tendency to drop off and scatter. When stepped upon, even the tiniest object could impact one’s balance and precipitate a fall. 

In addition, poorly fastened wall decorations can easily descend to the floor. In many instances, said items are made of paper or are laminated and can be slippery. Those unaware could easily slip, fall and sustain injuries. 

Contacting Us 

The holidays should be times of family, friends, fun, and memories. A Brooklyn accident attorney reminds those hosting festive galas this season exercise the proper precautions geared towards keeping their homes and properties safe and secure. 

Those who have been hurt in any type of slip and fall accident are encouraged to consult with us. Further information about our firm and our services can be accessed at