How to keep your children safe from dogs

Mar 12, 2021

Children and dogs are often thought of as being best friends. However, four of 10 children have had a negative interaction with a dog by the time that they are 12-years-old. Many parents have to hire a Brighton Beach injury lawyer because their child is bitten by a dog. That is why it is important to talk to your children about safely interacting with dogs.

Teach Children Not to Play Rough With a Dog

Dogs tend to do things on instinct. If they feel like they are being threatened, then they may attack. They may not be able to distinguish between rough play and danger. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you teach your children not to play rough with dogs.

Teach Your Child How to Ask for Permission

Many children like to walk up to any dog and pet them. However, every dog is not friendly. You should tell your child to ask for permission before they pet a dog. The dog may not want to be petted that day, which can increase their chances of biting.

Teach Your Child How to Handle Aggression

A Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer recommends that you teach your child what to do if they are confronted by an aggressive dog. You should tell them not to scream or run because dogs have the ability to sense fear. Tell them that they need to walk away from the dog and be calm. You should also tell them to find an adult.

Contact Levitsky Law Firm

A child can be bitten by a dog even if they do not provoke it. You need to talk to a Brighton Beach personal injury attorney if your child has been bitten by a dog. The owner may be held responsible for the actions of their dog. You can also be compensated for your child’s injuries.