How to Adjust Child Custody amidst Quarantine and Job Loss

Jun 15, 2020


The Covid pandemic has created havoc and confusion among many parents sharing custody of their children today. Social distancing guidelines have brought many visitations between children and parents to an end. Many parents also find their relationships with their children disrupted because of pandemic-related job losses.

The legal issues that Covid has caused has led to new challenges for family law attorneys today. Still, to find a resolution that fits your particular pandemic child custody and job loss situation the best, you need to retain a Bensonhurst NY personal injury attorney from the Levitsky Law Firm to represent you today.

Maintaining Child Custody

The other parent of your children may believe that you have no right to the children during the pandemic. He or she might argue that social distancing bars you from seeing them. This other parent could argue that you pose too much of a health risk to the children.

Even so, you have rights as a parent to your sons and daughters. Your attorney can file a notice with the court that you are being prevented from seeing them. The family court judge could order the other parent to comply or risk losing custody of the children.

Dealing with Job Loss

Another reason that the other parent may keep the children from you involves your job loss. If you have no job, you cannot pay child support. In absence of child support payments, the other parent may believe you have no right to see the children.

However, many judges rule that visitation of children exists separately from child support orders. Your attorney can notify the court of your job loss and have the support order stayed or adjusted. This new order can be enforced along with your existing visitation order.

Deal with pandemic-related job loss and child custody issues by hiring a Bensonhurst NY personal injury attorney. Contact the Levitsky Law Firm today.