How Long Do I Have to File a Claim after My Slip and Fall Injury?

Aug 21, 2020

Accidents happen all the time. Brighton Beach personal injury attorney’s know whether you are at work, school, or out in public, a sudden fall or trip could happen to you. If you sustain any sort of injuries after a slip and fall, you will want to make sure that you take note of everything that happens in order to have the most successful claim.

Information You Should Write Down Immediately after Your Slip and Fall

It may be tough to remember exactly what happened in your accident. However, you can write down on your phone or on a piece of paper the details of the accident once you have recovered. This way the details can be easily related back to Brighton Beach personal injury lawyers.

A Few Things You Will Want to Write Down

  • What was the time of the accident?
  • What type of clothes were you wearing?
  • Did it happen in the interior or the exterior of the building?
  • Were there any objects that caused your fall?
  • Did the type of floors you fell onto contribute to the accident?
  • Did the accident occur because of a store employee?

Next Steps You Should Take

Get to the Hospital

Your main priority should be your health. You want a doctor to look over your injuries to make sure they aren’t life-threatening. You also want to get medical attention even if you have minor injuries. These injuries could affect you long term.

Report What Happened

You will want to notify any managers of the store or owners of the building as to what happened. This will ensure some level of accountability on their part.

Call an Attorney

Once you have notated what actually happened, sought medical attention, and reported what happened, you will want to find a good attorney. Even after all your own personal action slip and fall claims are tricky and you will want to seek professional help. The Brighton Beach personal injury law firm can assist in this step.

How Long You Have to File Your Claim

There is a statute of limitations on fall cases. This means you only have a certain amount of time to actually file the lawsuit.

In the state of New York, you have three years from the date of the accident to file your suit.

How A Lawyer Can Help

An attorney will be able to give you in-depth information on the exact steps of your claim.

Not only that, but he will also know the specific laws of your state and have previous knowledge of similar cases to yours. The Levitsky Law Firm has in-depth knowledge of the state’s laws and can pull information from numerous slip and fall cases.

This should give you the best outcome when filing a claim after a slip-and-fall injury.