How Long After a Brooklyn Personal Injury Can You Sue in NY?

Nov 18, 2022

Suffering an injury in Brooklyn can lead to lifelong problems. In the immediate period after the injury, you have to deal with an increase in medical care costs when you may be unable to work. There’s no reason for victims of injuries caused by another person’s negligence to have to deal with the financial difficulties caused by the injury.

The Levitsky Law Firm PLLC is here to help victims of negligence-induced injuries to seek the compensation they’re due under New York law.

How Long After a Personal Injury Can You Sue?

The New York personal injury statute of limitations is three years. The time starts when the injury occurs; however, a few exceptions apply.

  • An injured child can’t be expected to know to seek compensation. State law starts the three-year time limit when the child turns 18.
  • A person who’s legally disabled likely won’t know to seek compensation, so the time limit doesn’t start until they’re considered legally sane.
  • A claim against a government entity has a shorter time limit and a more involved process to file a claim.

Once the statute of limitations expires, a lawsuit won’t be valid because the defendants can file a Motion to Dismiss. The team at Levitsky Law Firm is here to help you get your claim moving forward so you can focus on healing from the injuries.

Preparing a New York personal injury claim takes considerable work. Working with a Brooklyn personal injury attorney at Levitsky Law Firm PLLC can relieve the victims’ stress. Give our office a call today to schedule a free consultation to learn how our team can assist you with your personal injury claim in Brooklyn.