How Equitable Distribution Affects You in a NY Divorce

Aug 05, 2022

Getting divorced can be a challenging time in anyone’s life. The life that they envisioned for themselves is not coming to fruition and now they need to move on and make new plans.

A divorce attorney in Brooklyn can help ensure that you get what you are entitled to during a divorce and that your ex does not get more than they may be entitled to.

If you are getting divorced in New York, equitable distribution is a term you should familiarize yourself with. Here is more information about this topic.

Marital and Separate Property

Equitable distribution helps you to keep anything that you came into a marriage with. For example, if you purchased a home before you got married and owned that home, that is your home. On the other hand, if a new home was purchased during the course of marriage with money that was earned during the course of the marriage, that house becomes marital property and must be equally divided, regardless of whose name is on the title or mortgage.

Equitable distribution can be complex, as sometimes it is not clear what was purchased with marital assets and what is considered marital or personal property. A Brooklyn equitable distribution attorney knows the ins and outs of equitable distribution laws. This is key to ensuring that you get to keep property that was yours prior to the marriage and that you get your fair share of marital property as well.

If you are going through a divorce and you came into the marriage with your own assets or property, you need to find a Brooklyn divorce lawyer to protect the assets that you already have. The team at Levitsky Law Firm is here to help you. Call us today to schedule a consultation.