How does a child’s age affect custody laws?

Jun 28, 2018

Age and Child Custody

You have probably been told that once a child turns 13, they will automatically be able to decide who they are going to live with. Regardless of whether a child is 3 or 13, their wishes will be taken into consideration when a judge decides who gets custody. However, the older a child is, the more weight their preference will hold.

The reason that an older child’s preference will hold more weight is because a young child can easily be manipulated by the parents. In many cases, older children will choose to live with one parent because that parent has their best interest at heart. However, this is not always the case. A child of any age can be manipulated by their parents.

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Additional Factors That Affect Child Custody

The judge is ultimately the one who will decide who gets custody of the children. However, there are several factors that will be taken into consideration when the judge decides custody; including the following.

  • The parent’s custody preference
  • The mental and physical health of the parent
  • The parent’s ability to provide a loving home
  • The parent’s financial resources
  • History of domestic abuse and substance abuse

The main thing that decides child custody is the health and safety of the child. Additionally, if there are multiple children involved, then the judge will try their best to keep all of the children together.

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