How can Mediation help your divorce go smoother?

May 31, 2018

Not only is divorce an often unfortunate and significant life event, but it is also a complicated area of legal practice. Divorce can turn into an intense legal battle where each side attempts to get as much as possible, or they try to give as little as possible. When a married couple splits ways emotional and financial concerns might increase the contentious nature of the proceedings. Additionally, family court chambers across New York are clogged, and this means that divorce proceedings are also lengthy and potentially costly. The experienced attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm recommend mediation in some cases as a way to resolve issues that surface during divorce proceedings. We are Brooklyn law firm and a team of legal professionals who care about our clients deeply.

Not only can mediation alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with divorce, but mediation can also spare couples the emotional hardships that frequently accompany divorce proceedings. For example, the attorneys at our Brooklyn law firm know that many times mediation is a better way to resolve custody, alimony, and property distribution issues where complicating factors exist, and its preferable to avoid direct or cross-examination testimony in court.

Nonetheless, not all mediation strategies are equal, and the type of mediation can impact how satisfied a client will be with the result. For example, one kind of meditation involves the mediator offering solutions to the disputing parties. With this strategy, the mediator acts as an objective third party who generates new ideas and solutions to resolve complex divorce issues.

Another mediation strategy allows a mediator to pay closer attention to the disputants emotional and relationship concerns. With this strategy, the mediator moves away from the strict confines of legal parameters, and the mediator addresses the human and emotional aspects of divorce proceedings.

A third type of mediation utilizes pre-mediation caucuses. When a mediator establishes a trusting relationship with disputants, this mediation strategy could help to make sure that mediation will be fruitful.

While you might be tempted to search “divorce lawyer Brooklyn” online because you think that any divorce attorney can help you through the divorce and mediation process, that decision might cost you in the long run. The results of your “divorce lawyer Brooklyn” search might not provide you with an attorney as experienced as the team at the Levitsky Law Firm.

Moreover, the Brooklyn divorce attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm can help you choose the type of mediation that will yield the results you seek.