Grandparent Visitations

Dec 03, 2021

For decades, courts across the country have granted custody and visiting rights to mothers and fathers of children, but what happens when a grandparent is being needlessly kept from their grandchildren? In New York, grandparent visitation is a newer concept, even though studies have shown that children who have healthy relationships with grandparents and other extended family members are more well-adjusted and happier overall. To obtain grandparent visitation rights, you will need to enlist the assistance of a NY Grandparent Visitation Attorney.

NY Grandparent Visitations

In most cases, grandparents play a major role in their grandchildren’s lives. If you are a grandparent who wants to seek custody of your grandchild or obtain visitation rights, you will need to enlist the help of a NY Family Law Attorney.

In particular situations, custody of children can be awarded to grandparents and in the state of New York, grandparents can file to obtain visitation rights by a family court judge or magistrate if the parents of the children are denying the grandparents their rights to see their grandchildren without a valid reason.

It is very important for grandparents who have had temporary custody of their grandchildren because the parents were not stable enough at some point to care for the children properly to have visitation rights to ensure that the child or children are living in a stable environment. When it comes to grandparents who have never had custody of their grandchildren, visitation on a regular basis is still very important and should be a high priority for the health and well-being of the grandchildren involved.

Obtain a NY Grandparent Visitation Attorney

It is imperative that grandparents who are seeking either custody of their grandchildren or visitation rights have a trusted and experienced NY Grandparent Visitation Attorney to represent them and to protect their rights. The law professionals at the Levitsky Law Firm have ample experience in family law and can assist grandparents in their quest for grandparent visitation or child custody. Call for an appointment today!