Family Law FAQs

Family law can be confusing, overwhelming at specific points, and other times leave you to feel like there will be no life after your case is over. You often wonder about the twists and turns in the case, and when the case is settled, now you have questions about how the new legal agreements affect you, your family, and your kids.

  • There might be many Brooklyn divorce lawyers that will tell you that you absolutely must have a lawyer during your divorce, no matter what. Couples that can agree on all the points of the decree paperwork can fill out the terms and items themselves and file them with the court for the judge to sign. You need a lawyer to make things easier for all other types and situations, but it is not required by law.

  • Your ex has the right to be with your children as they see fit if the children are not truly endangered, medical needs are met, and the parent is not taking the children outside the boundaries outlined in the parenting agreement. If there are any problems with this, a lawyer can help you discuss your options.

  • Only if there has been a substantial change in the financial situation. For example, one parent may be making far more money than another, an extended involuntary loss may have occurred, or there may have been a substantial business failure. Each situation is looked at individually according to preset guidelines of the state.

  • A court always looks after the best interests of the child. When weighing these decisions, the court looks at which parent has a more solid and reliable income, childcare, housing, proximity to schools, healthcare issues, and other particular circumstances.

  • Grandparents do not have legal visitation rights. It’s up to the parent to allow the grandparent to see the child. To formally obtain them through court, the grandparents would need to file a petition with the court and serve the paperwork on all the parents. More than one hearing may be required to grant or deny the grandparents visitation.

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