Domestic Violence in NY: How We Can Help You File Protections

May 09, 2020

Levitsky Law Firm stands by your side when you are in the situation of being attacked by domestic violence. Domestic violence is unacceptable and painful to go through. Getting the proper protection from further abuse is important. How is it done? Brighton Beach NY domestic violence attorneys know what to do.

Do Not Encourage Abuse

In any relationship, it can be easy to encourage abuse by not setting boundaries. If the perpetrator means a lot to you, it can cause blindness to their faults. However, for their sake, and for your sake, it is important to have rules of conduct for how you want to be treated. The person should respect those rules, and if they do not, they should expect discipline from the authorities. If you as the victim do not want to be around them when they are misbehaving, make that clear.

Report Domestic Violence to the Police

If physical contact occurs in a way that is not what you want, make sure that you report it. Recognizing inappropriate conduct, resisting it, and reporting it is essential. It will prevent the abuser from gaining power through fear over you. If they have to answer to a higher authority, they will be less likely to treat others poorly in the future.

Contact Professional Attorneys to Help You

Levitsky Law Firm wants to make the whole court case go seamlessly for you. It is necessary to have professionals on your side when the stress is high. Consider the utility of having Brighton Beach NY domestic violence attorneys available for service. You will not regret it. Contact us today at 347-462-1660. Believe it or not, we offer a free consultation with no obligation. We hope that encourages you to use our talents to help you gain freedom from domestic violence.