Does Social Media have any Effect on Personal Injury Claims?

Aug 30, 2017

social media

Electronic communication has become a primary method to engage with colleagues, friends, and family. Both personal and business matters are addressed by SMS texting, emails, or social media posts. One of the questions that have emerged out of this communication frenzy is: Does social media have an impact on legal cases? Recent developments warn that you must be careful in what you decide to share with others online.

Most people think that if they set their account to private or post on private online platforms that their privacy is protected. That is far from the truth: that ‘privacy’ is a mirage. As with any case, you should refrain from discussing the details of the case outside of the courtroom. You should also keep from posting any information or details that anyone outside your circle may misconstrue. You want to make sure that your personal injury is not doubted in any way. If you are not sure what is accepted in the discovery process, feel free to consult a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer at our firm.

Courts have concluded that electronic communication can be included in the discovery process with certain provisions that must be adhered to. The access to this information depends on whether it will serve as evidence to discredit or support the claimant. New York has already permitted the use of photographs uploaded on Facebook as discovery in Forman v. Henkin, 134 A.D.3d 1529.

Levitsky Law Firm is dedicated to making sure your personal injury case is successful. Understanding the law and how it may work for or against you is vital to the outcome of your case. Education is the best form of protection when it comes to law. A Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney at our firm will discuss the pros and cons of your case. Working as a team will enable victorious results.