Do I Need to Tell My Boss When I Get Hurt at Work?

May 28, 2021

In any company, the situation can arise that a worker has an accident while working. Accidents can range from very minor to very serious and can even cause the death of the worker. Based on the severity of the accident, there will be different consequences. Therefore, both the company and the worker must be very clear about the steps to follow in the event of a workplace accident. Do not leave it up to the employer to provide you with fair compensation. You need a Brighton Beach personal injury to help you get the case to court and use the evidence provided to get full settlement.

Reporting the Incident

Not all accidents that occur while working can be classified as occupational accidents. For this reason, it is very important that those responsible for human resources know how to distinguish between the different types of accidents, whether they are occupational or not. When someone has an accident at work covered by worker’s compensation, the employee should make a report to the supervisor or other authorized personnel within moments. The supervisor should notify the company of this injury within 120 days. If not, the compensation claim will not be allowed or accepted under state law. It is important to notify a supervisor when an injury is sustained at work. You should have specific details such as the time it occurred and exactly where on the premises or in the building it occurred. Your Brighton Beach accident lawyer will gather all the details and documents to use in legal representation to get full compensation for you.

The Written Report

In the event that a worker suffers an occupational accident, the company must prepare an accident report with the personal data of the worker who has suffered it, the data of the company, a brief summary of how it has happened, and the measures that have been taken to prevent it. The worker will keep a copy of this part. The company must keep a copy of the report, and it is also advisable if there are witnesses to know who they are and contact them for an explanation of what happened.

How A Lawyer Can Help

Make sure you contact a reputable and experienced Brighton Beach personal injury lawyer to assist you with your case so that you can get fairly compensated for your injury. Contact Levitsky Law Firm for a free consultation.