Do Children have a say in a NY Child Custody Cases?

Feb 04, 2022

Do children have a say in New York custody cases?  Should New York serve as a role model for other states and countries regarding child custody?  Brooklyn custody lawyer, Levitsky Law Firm offers answers to these questions.  Please read all the way through.

Answering the Title Question

Although a child’s wishes may enter into the judge’s decision, ultimately he or she will determine custody arrangements based on what is best for that child.  An exception to this could be if the less-favored parent is proven to be abusive or neglectful towards the child.  Once the child reaches 18 years old, he or she can make their own decisions says Levitsky Law Firm, child custody lawyers in Brooklyn, New York.

What Makes a Parent Unfit?

According to Levitsky Law Firm, the following criteria can result in an unfit parent ruling by a court judge:

  • Failing to provide proper guidance
  • Abusive or neglectful behavior towards the child
  • Abusive or neglectful behavior towards their spouse
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Failing to invoke a curfew on a teenager
  • Letting a small child watch R-rated or X-rated movies
  • Failing to provide basic needs for the child such as food or housing
  • Demanding unreasonable custody provisions
  • A traumatic psychiatric illness for which medication is not being taken

What Should You Do If You are Facing Child Custody Issues?

Even if you do not live in New York, you should contact the child custody lawyer in Brooklyn, Levitsky Law Firm.  They will assist you on a remote basis.  They will see to it you get treated fairly in the case and that you get the results you want in that case.  This law firm specializes in child custody cases and will explain all relevant laws and procedures to you in detail.  Call them today!