Divorce Mediation: Not all the same

Sep 28, 2018

Divorce mediation processes almost always have some unique aspects the divorcing couple will want addressed and spelled out in succinct language. While there are always general issues that fall into certain categories, such as finances, parenting plans for minor children and established rules for visitation are important to the court as well. Both assets and debt obligations are a part of the financial component included in an effective mediation agreement, so assignment of liabilities is as important as assignment of assets in a property division agreement. All of these issues in a divorce are different is some aspect, and many times it is best for each divorcing New York resident to have a Brooklyn divorce attorney when the divorce is being mediated to ensure both sides receive equitable consideration.

Family Business and Divorce

Many divorces will also include evaluation of a family business and a determination regarding ownership. All businesses hold some amount of financial value, not to mention the income generated from daily operation. Family business divorces can be among the most difficult and having an experienced Brighton Beach divorce lawyer can be a significant advantage when the fate of a family business is in the balance. A good mediation agreement can achieve saving a family business with proper valuation and a fair buy out mediation agreement.

Custody Mediation

While some divorces do not include disposition of minor children or other dependents, many marriages do have this issue to be handled according to law. When divorcing couples cannot agree on a parenting plan, the state often steps in as an advocate for the children because they have rights that need protection as well with no individual legal representation. This is often the most serious issue for the court. Divorcing parents who have dependent children and are bickering over other issues such as finances could receive a ruling from the state that neither party nor the children want. Having experienced legal counsel during the mediation process can result in a better all-around divorce agreement that the court could be encouraged to accept.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in Brooklyn

A divorce mediation agreement can have a major impact on the lives of an entire family after it is finalized. It is always best to have an effective agreement in place from the very beginning that stresses the unique elements of the family. Always contact a divorce professional like the Brooklyn divorce attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm who understand how mediation can result in a feasible divorce agreement.