Divorce Mediation: Is it Right for Me?

Mar 30, 2018

What is divorce mediation?

Spouses to amicably and efficiently uncouple use divorce mediation. Essentially, a third party parlays between the two spouses in order to facilitate a respectful and fair divorce. At the Levitsky Law Firm, the Brooklyn divorce attorney (s) are ready to help you navigate and explain all the ins and outs of mediation and litigation when it comes to divorce.

Who should consider mediation?

If you have assets, children or the possibility of spousal support, mediation will be useful for you. There are so many decisions to make just in the division of assets before we even mention custody and child support, much less alimony. Dividing things that matter so much to you – heirlooms, retirement – is so stressful and can become emotional. This can lead to disagreements and discord. The mediator comes in to present options in a level tone to each spouse without the room becoming a shouting match.

What are the Benefits?

Generally, using a divorce mediation attorney in Brooklyn will get you a more level outcome. Litigation can often result in all or nothing when it comes to custody and other important issues. The mediator will not make any decisions for you, but will help you reach mutually beneficial decisions together. You can both still have your divorce lawyers with you, but the mediator will facilitate that respectful and calm negotiation. When both sides feel satisfied, only then do you have to make a decision. That decision can be to accept the mediation agreement, or to go ahead with litigation.

How the attorneys at Levitsky law firm can help you with your mediation – and all aspects of divorce

Though mediators are useful as disinterested third parties, it is also very important to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney on your side. They will be able to explain any hard to grasp legal terms and will help you to understand the details of any settlement.

Divorcing is never fun, but it can be a respectful and smooth process if you have the right people on your side. Choosing a competent mediator and a strong advocate of an attorney are essential to making your divorce as smooth as possible.

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