Divorce Court Do’s and Don’ts

Jul 09, 2019

divorceTo aid an individual in walking through the maze of emotional procedures involved in a divorce, Brighton Beach NY divorce attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm are equipped to discuss and handle all legal paperwork, court deadlines, child custody issues and more. While the process of a divorce can be extremely emotional, it is important to keep these emotions in check during procedures taking place in the divorce court.

As a highly qualified Brooklyn family law firm with years of experience, Levitsky Law Firm will typically advise its divorce clients to follow basic rules of courtroom etiquette. Here’s a brief listing of such advisable conduct:

Listen to the attorney

Based on professional experience, your family law attorney will often give advice that can prove invaluable. Last minute attorney instructions may be the very reason a client receives the most fair dissolution of his or her marriage.

Avoid confrontation

Even though a negative occasion may arise in the courtroom involving one’s spouse, in order to avoid looking bad in front of the judge, the clients of wise Brighton Beach NY divorce attorneys are advised to resist the temptation to interact or engage in an argument with the spouse in this setting.

Dress respectfully

While it is not necessary to dress formally, as in a cocktail dress or a tuxedo, most every Brooklyn family law firm will suggest that their divorce clients wear clothing that shows respect for the institution and helps to create a favorable opinion in the minds of court officials.

Be on time

Even though a court hearing may be delayed due to the volume of cases handled each day, it is always advisable for a litigant to arrive earlier than the appointed hearing time. Plan to arrive 15 – 30 minutes early, and allow plenty of time to find a parking space and process through mandatory security at the courthouse.

Those in need of a divorce attorney should contact Levitsky Law Firm today. Our Brighton Beach NY divorce attorneys are prepared to help you have the most fair agreement possible for both parties.