Contested Divorce Options

Oct 29, 2021

Sometimes trying to save a marriage is not possible, despite the efforts to try to salvage it. It is a difficult decision to file for divorce, especially when you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have children and cannot agree on essential issues. If both parties still have unresolved matters, filing a contested divorce may be the best option. This type of divorce is lengthy, expensive, and stressful but can help ensure your rights are protected, and you receive everything you deserve.

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What Is a Contested Divorce?

Contested divorces are when both parties are unable to agree about the essential terms of a divorce. This type of divorce results in a trial and a judge who bases their decision on witnesses’ case facts and testimonies. In most cases, the judge makes decisions that are fair and just for both parties.

What Do You Need to Prepare and Gather? 

Here is a list of things to prepare and gather for a contested divorce:

  • A list of all of your debts, including joint debts.
  • A list of all of your assets.
  • Speak with a therapist to help you with emotional stress.
  • A list of questions to ask your attorney.
  • A journal with dates and information on notable events.
  • Copies of your tax returns and pay stubs.

What If You Have Children?

If there are minor children involved, it may be best to file a contested divorce to allow the judge to determine who has custody and visitation schedules. A contested divorce will also enable you to explain your legitimate concerns about why you should have sole custody of the kids.

What If You Have Property or Own a Business?

Just like with children, if the two parties cannot agree on anything related to their property or business, a contested divorce might be the best course of action.

How Your Attorney Can Help

A contested divorce is not an easy one and can take several months to get through the courts. Your Manhattan divorce lawyer will file all necessary paperwork, appear in court with you, and help with all documents and relevant information for your case.

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