Construction Accident: Burns and Explosions

Apr 22, 2022

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous and prone to accidents and injuries. One common cause of injury on construction sites is burns and explosions. These injuries volatile chemicals, gases, or a combination of equipment and substances combine to produce burns and occasionally explosions. These incidents can result in serious injuries. Anyone currently involved in an accident involving burns or injuries from an explosion should reach out to a top personal injury attorney who can get started on their case.

Common Injuries Associated with Explosions and Burns at Construction Sites

When a construction worker is burned on the job or involved in an explosion, they can incur various serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries resulting from these accidents include the following.

  • Loss of skin
  • Loss of sensation
  • Infection
  • Loss of limbs
  • Traumatic head injuries

These are just a few of the many injuries that one can sustain when they are the victim of a job site accident involving burns or an explosion.

If you have suffered burns or injuries due to an explosion at your workplace, call the Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorneys at the Levitsky Law Firm today and start your recovery now.


The recovery process for anyone with burns or wounds associated with an explosion is a long and painful process. Serious burns require special medical attention, and extended hospital stays.

These hospital stays can add up to a huge financial burden. Additional surgeries may be required to graft skin, rehabilitate, and provide any additional medical services necessary to prevent further loss of ability or complications from injuries.

Recovery times vary greatly from person to person. People with injuries to a large portion of their body may be required to stay in a medical facility for weeks or even months. Once they are released, they must have special care and physical therapy to regain mobility if possible. And some serious cases, the individual is permanently disabled. When that occurs, they are unable to work and will require extensive ongoing care to help them have a decent quality of life.

How a Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you are a victim of a construction accident in Brooklyn, you’ll need top representation to help ensure your case gets the best results. An attorney from a top personal injury law firm will know exactly how to proceed once they take the case. Personal injury attorneys know the ins and outs of the legal system in their area and understand the importance of proper document definitions and meeting crucial court deadlines.

They are also important because they can provide the victim with the inside and education, they need to understand their case completely. They can also help guide them and keep them informed to prevent any errors in the case and to ensure they get a speedy resolution.

As soon as a person is burned in an explosion accident that occurs on the job site, it’s important to reach out to an attorney or law firm specializing in this area of practice. They can get started on the case right away and begin compiling the documentation and information necessary to build a solid case. They can also serve as an effective way to communicate to employers, insurance companies, and any other individual or entity involved in the lawsuit.

Get a Top Attorney Today

Anyone involved in an accident involving an explosion or burns to the body could reach out to a top Brooklyn personal injury law firm to get started with their case. Levitsky Law Firm is a leading provider of legal representation for individuals injured on the job.

Top-performing attorneys in their field are ready to provide an insightful consultation and offer their services to those looking for the best results for their personal injury cases. Reach out to get more information or details or begin working on solutions for an explosion and burns accident case.