Congratulations to Dmitry Levitsky, for securing a $300,000.00 pre-trial settlement

Jul 08, 2020


Congratulations to Dmitry Levitsky, the principal attorney at Levitsky Law Firm, for securing a $300,000.00 pre-trial settlement for a female client in her 50’s who suffered a knee fracture and a tear, as well as multiple lacerations to her face and leg, in a pedestrian knockdown accident which occurred on the boardwalk at the Riis Park, in Queens, NY. Despite a variety of pitfalls, Dmitry was able to achieve the desired outcome by employing savvy powerful litigation tactics and negotiation techniques. More specifically, Defendant The City of New York claimed that the Parks Department employee was faced with an unforeseen emergency stemming from an alleged medical condition while he was operating his Ford F-350 pick up truck prior to striking the pedestrian. Luckily for the client, Dmitry was able to show that no such emergency ever existed and the said employee was driving on the boardwalk, off-road, unbeknownst to his supervisors, in violation of any and all applicable departmental protocols and Vehicle Traffic Laws.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident through no fault of your own, please contact Dmitry Levitsky or any of our skilled attorneys at Levitsky Law Firm, Personal Injury & Divorce Lawyers to get the justice and compensation you deserve.”