Common Motorcycle Summer Accident Causes

Jul 24, 2020


Summer in Brooklyn, New York and other surrounding areas means more people are hitting the roads. This includes those riding motorcycles as a result of the warmer, pleasant weather. Unfortunately, there are certain factors that can put you at a greater risk of an accident while on your motorcycle during the summer.

First of all, there is far more traffic on the road in the summertime. Not only are there more people on motorcycles, but there are more cars and other motor vehicles, which can increase the risk of an accident. This is especially true if you’re riding and others are setting out on long road trips and leaving for vacation. Often, an accident occurs because drivers are not paying full attention to the road and motorcycles are slim and harder to see if drivers are not fully cautious.

In addition to more drivers on the road, in general, there are also more teenage drivers. Spring and summer are the two seasons where it’s most common for young people to get their driver’s license. Although they passed their road tests, teen drivers are inexperienced and can, therefore, more easily end up in an accident with a motorcycle.

Due to the nicer, warmer weather, summer is also the time when more construction is taking place on the roads. If a person is riding a motorcycle in or too near an active construction zone, they can easily get into an accident that can result in devastating injuries. Construction zones must be clearly marked at all times, but if you are riding a motorcycle, you also have a responsibility to be fully alert of your surroundings and avoid these areas.

Of course, there are also more motorcycles on the roads during the summer. This unto itself means that, naturally, more motorcycle accidents take place in the summer season. Riders may also not be wearing the appropriate gear for their trips. For instance, you should avoid wearing too loose-fitting clothing and flip flops while riding. Always wear the appropriate garments when out on your bike.

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