Collecting Evidence After A Car Accident: How To Stay Safe?

Feb 19, 2021

The moments immediately following an automobile accident can be confusing, frustrating, and emotionally draining.

That said, a Brooklyn accident attorney cautions prospective clients to understand that the actions they take during this crucial timeframe could determine how much if any, compensation they will receive and could result in further pain and tumult if not executed carefully.

However, one important step a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer urges those involved in car collisions to do is collect any pertinent evidence.

The Importance Of Evidence

If the victim has any designs on collecting compensation from an insurance provider or an accused party, they will need to demonstrate that the alleged perpetrators bore the lion’s share of responsibility for precipitating the accident. One method of attaining this aim is evidence collection.

It is important to realize that law enforcement agencies might prohibit access to certain pieces of evidence said entities need to conduct their own investigations.

That said, mishap participants are encouraged to thoroughly document the events leading up to the event in question, in addition to snapping photos of their car and other vehicles involved in the incident and road markings like skid marks.

Once such evidence is gathered, said subjects are implored to obtain the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses capable of providing a complete and accurate account of what took place.

Moreover, said parties should carefully document their injuries, obtain a quick medical evaluation, and procure detailed copies of these assessments.

Safely Engaging In Evidence Collection

A Brooklyn accident lawyer urges potential clients to collect evidence cautiously. It is important to remember that many accidents occur in open roadways.

Therefore, the first order of business is to ensure the accident scene is safe. If physically capable, all involved parties should relocate their automobiles to a safe location such as a roadway’s shoulder and notify the authorities. Moreover, photo taking and eyewitness interactions should occur away from traffic.

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