Child Custody Modifications: Change in Circumstances

Jun 14, 2023

Have you ever faced an unforeseen situation that made your current child custody arrangement no longer feasible or in the best interest of your child? This is commonly referred to as a “change of circumstances.” At Levitsky Law Firm, we are experienced in the field of child custody modifications in New York, guiding parents through the complexities of such changes.

What is a Substantial Change in Circumstances?

In child custody cases, a substantial change of circumstance refers to a significant alteration in the life or environment of a child or their parents that may affect the child’s wellbeing. Courts require this substantial change as a basis for modifying existing custody orders.

Examples of substantial changes include:

  • A parent’s relocation
  • Alterations in a parent’s employment status or income
  • Changes in the child’s educational or medical needs
  • Any form of abuse or neglect

The concept of change in circumstance in child custody is just the first step. Legally navigating this process requires a Brighton Beach family lawyer.

Modifying Child Custody Due to Change in Circumstances

The process of modifying child custody due to a change in circumstances starts with filing a petition with the court that originally issued the custody order. This petition must include factual evidence demonstrating a substantial change in circumstances that negatively affects the child’s best interests.

After filing, both parents will be granted a hearing where they can present evidence and arguments. The judge will then determine whether a change in custody is indeed in the child’s best interest.

Brighton Beach Family Lawyer in Child Custody Modifications

Child custody modifications can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Trust in Levitsky Law Firm, a reliable partner in these challenging times. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you, ensuring your child’s welfare remains paramount.

We strive to illustrate the changed circumstances effectively and persuasively to the court. Our experienced attorneys can meticulously draft your petition, present compelling arguments, and advocate for the best interests of your child.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you effectively manage your child custody modifications in New York.