Child Custody Modification in Brooklyn NY

May 13, 2022

If you’re looking for child custody modification, you’ve come to the right place. This article explains how child custody modification works and how child custody Brooklyn can help you.

But before we dive into it, first things first:

When is child custody modification the best option? 

Child custody modification can be the best option, especially when you feel your ex-spouse is no longer safe for a child. For instance, when the court feels your spouse’s drug abuse behavior is unsafe for the child.

In this situation, a child custody lawyer Brooklyn NY may help you modify the child custody. The attorney will represent you in court. Then the court may then decide one of the following:

  •  Change the child modification
  • The court may choose to limit a parent’s access to the child.
  • A court may order your spouse to go for drug testing.
  • Or even order counseling.

Here are other reasons you may consider child custody modification:

  • If there are any challenges in carrying out the current custody or parenting plan.
  • The physical and mental health of your ex-spouse has changes
  • The financial circumstances of one parent have changed.
  • One of the parents has become violent.
  • Your ex-spouse has deliberately prevented you from spending time with the child
  • The child spends more time with your ex.
  • The type of living environment each parent can provide is different.

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How the attorney can help

You can enlist the help to help you change child custody. Fortunately, you can get exceptionally great legal representation if you live around Brooklyn or Manhattan, NY.

A Brooklyn Child Custody Modification Attorney will do the following:

  • An attorney will authorize child custody modification and visitation.
  • The attorney will verify the minimum age requirement for the child petitioning.
  • Can confirm if abuse, neglect, or abandonment has occurred.

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