Car Accidents Involving MTA Bus: Who is Liable?

Jun 16, 2023

Navigating through the bustling New York streets, MTA buses are ubiquitous, providing essential transportation services to millions daily. Despite their utility, MTA bus accidents can occur and navigating the complexities of liability may require legal expertise.

Determining Liability

The question of liability in an MTA bus accident can potentially implicate various parties. A primary suspect could be the bus driver, whose negligence might manifest in the form of intoxication, fatigue, distraction, or operation of an overloaded vehicle.

However, liability doesn’t stop at the individual behind the wheel. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) itself may be culpable if it can be proven that there were lapses in their hiring processes, ineffective enforcement of safe driving habits, or insufficient maintenance of equipment.

The situation further complicates when considering the actions of pedestrians and other drivers. An unsuspecting pedestrian suddenly entering the roadway or another vehicle unpredictably swerving into the bus’s path can confound the determination of liability.

Moreover, providers of maintenance or parts for the buses could be held responsible if defective parts or substandard servicing led to the accident. Finally, in situations where the accident was significantly contributed by poorly maintained roadways, the city itself might face a claim. Such is the intricate and multi-faceted nature of liability in MTA bus accidents.

Seek Legal Help Immediately After the Accident

Understanding these various potential liabilities in an MTA bus crash is crucial for victims seeking compensation for personal injuries in Brooklyn and beyond. But, understanding is just the first step. The application of New York’s laws is vital in determining who is at fault in these scenarios, and this is where a proficient car accident lawyer in Brooklyn, Levitsky Law Firm, can prove invaluable.

Contact us today. Our seasoned injury attorney in Brooklyn team excels in dissecting complex MTA bus accident scenarios, helping victims seek the compensation they deserve.