Auto Accidents in NY: Common Causes & Why You Need an Attorney

Jul 05, 2019

auto accidents in new yorkTraffic accidents in New York City and elsewhere in the state claim approximately 1,000 lives and injure thousands of others every year. In addition to the human toll, such wrecks cost residents, businesses and government entities hundreds of millions of dollars. If you have experienced a serious accident caused by someone else, you may consider taking legal action. This is when you need the services available from the Levitsky Law Firm.

The Common Causes of Traffic Mishaps
There are many types of traffic accidents, from rollovers and head-on collisions to wrecks involving multiple vehicles. Common factors in crashes include driver distraction, driver intoxication, speeding, unsafe lane changes and failing to yield at stop signs or signals. Environmental elements, such as slippery roads and poor visibility, can be either a primary or secondary issue. Technical issues in the vehicles, such as bad brakes or worn tires, play a role in some crashes. No matter the cause, Brooklyn NY injury attorneys can help you deal with the consequences of an accident.

Taking Action After an Accident
New York has a “no fault” insurance system, which means that personal damages suffered in an accident are covered by a motorist’s own policy. However, the law does allow for civil action against others in cases involving “serious” injuries, such as bodily disfigurement. In addition to seeking damages to cover medical expenses and other costs, victims may seek compensation for the pain and suffering related to their injuries. Brooklyn NY injury attorneys can help accident victims obtain the compensation they need.

Seeking Legal Assistance
You should never challenge an insurance company on your own. You should instead seek legal representation. If you or a member of your family has been injured in a traffic accident, find the help that is needed by contacting the Levitsky Law Firm.