As Construction Sites Open In NY, Learn How To Stay Safe

Jun 12, 2020


Now that construction sites are opening up once again in New York, workers and others who will be at these sites each day must once again learn how to stay safe. Along with staying safe from job-related factors, it is now also important to protect one’s self from COVID-19. Since many injuries occur each year at construction sites, always consult with a Sheepshead Bay NY personal injury attorney at the Levitsky Law Firm should you be injured at a construction site due to the negligence of others.

Protective Clothing and Equipment
When at a construction site, always make sure you are wearing appropriate protective clothing and other equipment. This should include hard hats, safety glasses and face shields, slip-resistant shoes, work gloves, and harnesses if you will be working high above-ground.

Check Ladders and Scaffolding
At many construction sites, serious injuries occur when workers fall from ladders or scaffolding that is not properly secured. Therefore, before using ladders or scaffolding, always make sure they have been properly secured. In addition, also make sure they are positioned in a safe manner and away from nearby electrical lines or other hazards.

Maintain Equipment
Whether it is welding equipment, forklifts and cranes, or one of the many types of saws used at construction sites, always check the equipment you are using to make sure it is being properly maintained. If faulty equipment is used on a construction site, the results can be devastating. For example, if welding equipment is not properly maintained, a worker can suffer serious burns that may be life-altering, whereas a malfunctioning saw could result in the potential loss of a limb.

Should you be injured at a construction site, never place your case with attorneys who rarely handle these complex situations. Instead, schedule an immediate consultation with a Sheepshead Bay NY personal injury attorney from the Levitsky Law Firm.