Arrested for Something You Didn’t Do? Why You Need an Attorney

Aug 30, 2019

Nowadays, a crime isn’t what it used to be. People are being arrested all the time for things that they would never imagine. A schoolgirl was recently arrested for eating french fries at a bus station and charged with a felony. Americans are becoming more intolerant than ever and putting each other under hyper-scrutiny. It doesn’t take anything more than some misunderstood words or actions for someone to file charges against you.

The Levitsky Law Firm is a criminal defense law firm in Brighton Beach that holds the prosecution to their burden of proof. If you walk into a courtroom and try to represent yourself without a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney, they will walk all over you. They have to keep all those prisons filled up somehow. If no one is committing serious crimes or it takes too much work to bust them, they will make up serious crimes out of thin air.

The Levitsky Law Firm will gather all the evidence, assemble all the expert witnesses, and cite all the controlling laws that favor your claims. By putting together a solid, well-rounded, and objective defense, the prosecution will start to become very nervous. They don’t like to blow trials because it can potentially make them liable.

A Brooklyn criminal defense attorney can help you to highlight all the weaknesses in the case without chasing every tangent. It is important for a criminal defense attorney to present your defenses as clearly as possible because the courts and jurors have a short attention span. While you may think that you have a persuasive and long-winded story that other people would believe, long narratives are rarely compelling.

What you need is a defense law firm in Brighton Beach that focuses on making things short and sweet. We get to the point in our legal filings and paint your defenses with persuasion. By highlighting all your strengths and attacking the evidence and witnesses against you, we can help you win.