Are There Geographical Restrictions when it comes to child custody?

Mar 31, 2022

Geographical Restrictions in Child Custody — Brooklyn Child Custody Attorneys

The Levitsky Law Firm is your child custody lawyer in Brooklyn. Entering into a divorce settlement places stress on everyone involved. You and your children may find new restrictions imposed upon where you can live under the terms of the divorce agreement. Consider contacting our child custody lawyers in Brooklyn NY as you navigate your way through this difficult experience.

What is a Geographic Restriction?

Geographic restrictions limit where a person may live if they share custody or visitation rights. Although such orders do not prohibit short-term travel, they may impose restrictions on where you and your children must spend most of your time. In some cases, these restrictions may also define the location where children attend school.

How Do Geographical Restrictions Work?

Custody agreements have become more commonplace to prevent one parent from moving children far away. They generally allow a noncustodial parent to have a say in the location where a custodial parent lives. The extent of the restriction is determined by the court when it considers the best interest of the children.

These court-imposed limitations may be specified as a distance (such as, “must live within 50 miles”) or a defined geographical region (such as an area bounded by an adjacent borough or county). However, with escalating real estate prices and other pressures, such restrictions may impose a burden. Similarly, the departure of a loved one from the local area may isolate a noncustodial parent in an unfair way.

What if You Need to Move?

A job offer, a lease that ends, or mortgage payments may compel you to make a difficult decision. Although noncustodial parents generally have few if any restrictions, custodial parents may have to adjust support payments or offer other incentives.

To ensure access rights in child custody Brooklyn residents should contact the Levitsky Law Firm so our highly trained child custody lawyers in Brooklyn NY can assist you.