Are Nursing Home Injuries considered Medical Malpractice?

May 12, 2021

Growing old is an unavoidable stage in everyone’s life, and with the increasing aging population in the United States, the number of nursing homes is also increasing to accommodate the elderly individuals whose families are unable to take care of either because they need special attention or due to financial challenges. Even though these homes play a crucial role in handling vulnerable members of society, issues of abuse and negligence are always experienced. These may not be considered medical malpractices as they don’t involve discrete acts of negligence such as misdiagnosis or failed surgeries. However, nursing facilities are liable for providing care based on their set policies. If these policies are not adhered to, then you can seek legal assistance for compensation. A Personal injury Brooklyn lawyer can help evaluate the duties and responsibilities of the nursing home and use the justice system and help you file a claim.

Examples of nursing home injuries

  • Bedsores: These occur when the occupant sleeps on the same side without turning. Using the same bedding for a long time without can also lead to skin infections and necrosis. The elderly people with existing conditions that prevent them from turning themselves in bed are at a higher risk of getting this disease.
  • Spinal cord injury: may occur when a resident falls from a significant height of the bed or physical abuse by a nursing home staff leading to stiffness and severe pain at the back and the neck region.
  • Bone fractures: Caused by slip and fall accidents leading to severe pain and immobility.

Remember, an accident lawyer in Brooklyn can help obtain a court order compelling the home to provide services that suit residents and punish those who have caused adverse effects to patients. If you notice any form of abuse or negligence in any nursing home, you can reach out to injury attorney Brooklyn. At Levitsky Law Firm, we are your reputable attorney in Brooklyn, NY. Call us today at (347) 462-1660 for a free consultation to get yourself the representation you need.