Are Drop-Side Cribs Legal?

Sep 18, 2020

As a parent, you want to provide the safest environment for your child from the moment they are born. You try to make sure that all products and furniture you use will be helpful and not cause harm. Unfortunately, there is one product that has caused great harm to babies and can’t be trusted by parents. Drop-side cribs allow one side of the crib to slide up and down so that the parent can easily move the child from the bed to the crib. This feature has led to a gap being created between the bed and crib causing babies to fall or become stuck. If this has been your experience, you have a right to consider legal action against the company that manufactured the bed and a Brooklyn personal injury attorney can help.

Bans and Recalls of Drop-Side Cribs

In recent years, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled and banned these types of cribs due to the injury they can cause. The over 9 million recalls occurred because companies used a faulty design when they could have used another one that didn’t lead to defects. These cribs have also been recalled because of the unintended, but still harmful, defects and the failure to issue proper warnings about the products. Eventually, the products were completely banned by the CPSC due to their dangerous nature.

If your baby has been injured by a drop-side crib, a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer can assist you with a product liability claim. In this claim, you will need to provide evidence to prove the injury resulted from the crib. A Brooklyn product liability attorney will advise that you show that the baby has received medical treatment by providing records, still have the product, and that you can show which company manufactured the bed. The attorney will then draft all necessary forms and documents to begin the case.

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