A Guide to Your Rights as the Non-Custodial Parent

Nov 13, 2020

One of the most contentious issues during a divorce is child custody. Each of the two parents always fights to have custodial rights over the child. 

If both parents are not able to agree on who will stay with the child, it will be upon the court to make that decision. 

The physical custody of a child can only be granted to one parent who is referred to as the custodial parent. 

Although the other parent won’t have the physical custody rights, he or she will still have rights to the child. 

It is good to work closely with Brooklyn family law attorneys to ensure that your ex-spouse doesn’t deny you the right to see your child as per the instructions given by the court. 


There are generally two types of custody when after a divorce. They include custodial and non-custodial. 

A custodial parent is the one who has the right to stay with a child while a non-custodial parent has only the right to see or stay with the child for a limited time. 

Sometimes the type of a Brooklyn family lawyer you hire will determine if you will get custodial rights or not. 

Below are the rights of a non-custodial parent: 

  • The right to access a child’s medical and school report card 
  • Right to cater for a child’s upkeep 
  • The right to spend vacation and holiday with the child 
  • The right to report any abuse or mistreatment against the child 

How a lawyer can help 

Each state has its own child custody laws. It is difficult to gain custodial rights if you don’t present a strong case in court. 

That’s why you need an experienced Brooklyn child custody attorney to increase your chances of getting custodial rights. 

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